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Payroll Processing

We Ask you

  • Do you spend too much time every month on your Payroll Activities?
  • Do you feel that you have too many people on your Accounts team ?
  • Do your employees complain about delays in getting their salary every month?
  • Are you faced with a constant attrition which is causing complications to your accounts team?
  • Then Payroll Outsourcing is the solution for you

What can payroll outsourcing do for you?

Streamline your payroll functions and benefit plans by :

  • Saving cost of maintaining additional staff and equipment.
  • Allowing organizations to concentrate on their core business competencies. They can concentrate more on Manufacturing, Marketing or Service.
  • Increasing Accuracy. Improves financial and statutory reporting.
  • Ensures payroll functions are compliant with payroll standards and norms and is compliant with Indian government rules and regulations.
  • Saving time required to process payroll, Calculating, Auditing and filing returns. Enhance employee satisfaction by efficient and timely outputs.

How ECMA can serve your purpose

We maintain an In-house payroll software.

  • An in-house software is fully customizable to customer needs. We believe that a software should be built around an existing process. Companies need not adapt their processes to suit the software.

  • Makes available the latest enhancements to our clients at no additional cost which is a definite advantage over buying a commercially available payroll software.

Our software is compliant with standard payroll norms. Various software related features include,

  • Highly Parameterized

  • Additional reports required by the Client

We have in house Audit and Accounting consultants. All our processes including our software have been designed after consultations with competent consultants like Charted Accountants, Cost Accountants, Company Secretaries and Advocates.

We maintain and upgrade our hardware equipment on a periodic basis.

All backups and Anti-virus requirements are taken care of by ECMA.



  • Employee Database maintenance as required for processing monthlysalary.
  • Monthly processing of Muster Roll & wage register for PF & ESI Remittance.
  • Monthly processing of wage register as per payments made to employees and to Labour contractors if any.
  • Provide data to Accounting department related to Wages paid and all
  • statutory dues to be paid.


  • Employee Database maintenance as per ESIC compliance to submit all eligible employees personal and family details on ESI website and register them for various benefits under ESI Scheme.
  • Arrange and issue smart cards to all such eligible employees covered under ESI with the help of local ESI office.

  • Uploading monthly contribution and remitting the ESI challan before the due dates.


  • Update Employee details and to submit all eligible employee’s personal and family details by filling various forms such as Form-2, Form-11,

  • Form-13 (revised) hard copies as well as on their website and register them for various benefits under the Scheme.

  • Arrange and issue individual account number to all such eligible employees covered under scheme and maintain Form 9.

  • Uploading monthly contribution and remitting the ESI challan before the due dates.
  • Guide employer as well as employees to get proper benefits available under Scheme.



  • Employee Database maintenance as per labour compliance for all
  • labour related requirments and issues.
  • Procuring contract labour license from labour department as & when
  • Getting renewals of all the labour related licenses as and when the license is getting lapsed.
  • Maintaining all records as per labour law.
  • Handling inspections and preparing required documents for inspections.
  • Filing all the returns pertaining to Labour – Monthly/Quarterly/Half yearly/Yearly.


  • Calculation of PT Liability based on Salary
  • Filing of monthly return Form 5A
  • Filing of Annual Return & Payment of Renewal Fees
  • Attending to Professional Tax assessment
  • Any other matter related to Professional Tax

Income tax : TDS

  • Income tax computation based on investment declaration
  • Investment proof verification at the year-end and recomputation of IT
  • Online payment of Monthly TDS.
  • Quarterly e-TDS
  • Form 16 and Form 16A generation
  • Filing of revised eTDS returns

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