Facility Matrix

Matrix of HR Solutions for Facility Management Agencies

Employee Module

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Employee Data Management
  • Employee master data capture
  • Recruitment and Deputation of personnel to various units.
  • Rejoining of the guards without re-entering the details again
  • Generation of ID Card with validity period
  • Generation of Enrolment form
  • Generation of PF/ESI declaration forms
  • Generation of Police verification forms
  • Bulk upload of Employee Bank Account numbers
  • Data Import Utility for PF, UAN, ESI, PSARA, Aadhaar and Police Verification Numbers
  • Bio Metric data capture of the Employees for both Right and Left hand – 10 fingers
  • Police verification data check
  • PF submission data check
Monthly Attendance & Payroll Processing
  • Payroll processing Unit wise
  • Day wise muster with import utility
  • Consolidated Monthly Attendance with import utility
  • Provision to Input Shifts, OTs and NFHs
  • Auto fill with previous month data of Employees
Manage Loans & Other Deductions
  • Issue of Loans & Advances extended to the Employees and its Flexible Mode of Deduction
  • Issue of Uniform to the Employees and its Flexible Mode of Deduction
  • Security Deposit Deduction
  • General Deduction
  • Labour Welfare Fund
Monthly Payroll Reports
  • Generate Monthly Wage Register – Unit wise
  • Generate Monthly Pay Slip – Unit wise
  • Generate Form XVII/ Form 22/ Form T, Form XIX
Compliance Data in Excel & Upload Formats
  • PF & ESI data in Excel for Upload
  • PSARA Data for Upload
  • Consolidated Unit wise PF & ESI Data in Excel
  • PF & ESI Exempt Employee List
  • PT Deduction Based on Consolidated Income for the Month
Bank Upload Formats
  • Generation of Salary Data in Excel files for bank upload.

Unit/ Client Module

Unit/ Client & Contract Details
  • Unit/ Client master data capture
  • Contract details based on clients pay structure
  • Multiple Unit/ Client mapping for billing
  • Renewals / Extension of contracts
  • Maintain old contract details
Monthly Bills Generation
  • GST Complaint Billing : CGST, SGST & IGST
  • Generate Monthly Bills – Unit wise
  • Mapped Multiple Units billing
  • Generate Ad hoc Bills whenever necessary

Inventory Module

Vendor Management
  • Vendor Master data capture
  • Item Master related data capture
  • Goods Receipts from Vendors
  • Purchase Returns
Uniform Management
  • GRN for Uniforms
  • Issue of Uniform to Employees
  • Uniform Issues on Chargeable or Free basis
  • Bulk issue of Uniforms to Team Leader/ Field Officer
  • Uniform Returns from Team Leader/ Field Officer
  • Employee Uniform Returns

Admin & Security Module

Management Reports
  • Margin Analysis Unit wise
  • Cash Requirement – Excel Report
  • Monthly wise Employee Shifts – Excel Report
  • Uniform Deduction Status
  • Salary Advance Deduction Status
Security : User Access & Data Backup
  • Dynamic User Manager for all the above which willhandle user level, module level access rights
  • Backing up of data at Day end